10 de agosto de 2010

when you told me you loved me!

"We fell asleep sort of early, I was tired and you didn't mind. I scratched your back as we dozed off and I could feel you smiling even though I couldn't see your face.
I woke up really early in the morning, it was still dark out. I ran to the bathroom and back so the monsters wouldn't grab my feet from under the bed. I jumped back under the warm soft covers and curled up next to your soft, warm body, and you held me tight. You rubbed my shoulders and kissed me long and softly. I rolled over to fall back asleep, and you whispered my name, "marie claire" I turned my head back toward you, "yeah?"
You softly but purposefully lifted your hand to my face and ever so delicately caressed my cheek
"I love You"

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