31 de março de 2010

How to

I get home, strip naked.
Pop myself into a hot tub with a gazillion bubbles.
Light up some candles, nice music is on play.
I start calming down, it feels warm and easy.
Slide down...emerse my ears under water.
I can listen to my heartbeat and my breath...
It's almost as I'm back inside the womb.
It feels safe.
And then... I just let go all of my concerns.
Nothing is on my mind, it is true relaxation.
I take deep, deep breaths, as my body floats in the water, up and down.
After some time, I come back up to the real world.
He comes in...and tells me dinner is almost ready!
Thank you Fairies of Heaven, for letting me have this moments.
My moments...nobody else's.

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