27 de julho de 2010


Nobody knows what it's like to walk on my shoes! Like I do not know the shoes of others! Like I explained to her yesterday...I didn't think this would be MY life! Maybe we all think like this, right? I thought my life would be beautiful, and calm, and romantic, everything Sugar & Spice...! But...Oh boy! What a ride!!! Things happen in such a way, secrets beyond imagination, people betraying others... Really! I have been through a lot of experiences, different experiences... CRAZY! Last night I felt ill, my stomach was aching, my mind was dizzy...I was terrible! My brother said: Life IS boring!
And I realized...I have always been HAPPY with the boring. I didn't mind that life was boring. It was just okay! But right now, it is upsetting me, more than ever!
I woke up in the middle of the night, and I realized it will be just FINE! I felt better somehow, my heart felt light, even though my stomach still aches...! It doesn't matter anymore, I need to clear up my mind of silly stuff, be with ME! I need to get away, away of the ones who destroy me, maybe not intentionally, but still!
I need to be Unique...AGAIN!

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